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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Math in January!

We have had a busy month learning all about numbers, shapes, and coins!
Most of The Marchese Clowns can...
  • count to 100
  • recognize the numbers 0-20
  • identify the coins (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter)
  • idnetify 2D shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, and hexagon)
We practice math all day....starting with the calendar!
During our "Math Lesson" time we also have Math Stations...t
he students love Math Stations!
Look what we have been doing the last few weeks!
We can count objects to 20....This is a "large tower" with MORE than 20.
We are counting by 5s and 10s to 100...our sock clothesline goes to 27 so far...
This game is called Beat you to 20.
The students love to compare numbers...
the student with the highest numbered card gets
to keep the cards. This is a fun game to play at home, too!
 A few of our SHAPE ROBOTS! They were fun to make...
and we know all the shapes we used to make them!
Can you find a rhombus?
Can you find a trapezoid or a hexagon?
 More shape fun with the polydrons.....
We have just started learning about money.
This poem helps us remember how much each coin is worth...
This game is very popular in Math Stations....we have learned to trade five pennies for a nickel!
Beat you to 15 cents!
The Marchese Clowns are great Mathematicians!
I am so proud of their progress in kindergarten!

A few other activities we have completed this month...
 We made snowmen featuring our last names!
 Maeve's cirlce map ~ Winter!
We can sound out CVC words....a great skill to practice at home.
We love to sound out non-sense words, as well as real words!
 In Science, we have learned about space ~ and all about the day & night!
12 children like the Day the best!
5 children like the Night the best!
We love our Smartboard....we were playing SNAP! this day!
SNAP! can be found on http://www.literactive.com/

My next post will be all about our 100th day of kindergarten on Thursday, January 3rd!
We will have a BLAST!


  1. Wow!!! Your math stations are fab!!!! I love them all and might just have to do some in my class as well. I am always looking for more ideas, so thank you for posting!!! Your class looks like loads of fun!!!


  2. wow, it sounds like you and I are teaching teh same things this time of year! Love the coin poem

  3. Just found your blog- Love these activities! Very cute.


  4. So glad I found your blog!!! I am homeschooling my nontraditional student (learning disabled) and these math activities sound so fun!!

  5. Do you sell your worksheets? Please email me! keeley.barr@eu.dodea.edu

  6. Would love to recreate your math stations. Would you be willing to share your worksheets?
    Thanks, Fran

  7. Are your math stations available on TPT? I'd love the money one but am too busy to recreate it.

  8. Could I maybe get a copy of the Beat you to 20 game? I am student teaching and would love to try that game with my students! agagnon001@student.franciscan.edu

  9. Can I please get a copy of the Beat You to 20 Game? I'm also a student teacher and I think this would help us next week with counting and comparing to 20! samanthajstory@gmail.com

  10. I love your race you to fifteen. I am also a student teacher and busy with assignments and would love a copy of your worksheet to use with my students! christinamessick89@gmail.com

  11. Hi! I am homeschooling my 5 year old, and I'm always trying to find new ways and ideas to help her lear an have fun! your ideas are awesome... I would love to get a copy of you worksheet "Beat you to 15 cents" if possible, my email address is merysings@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

  12. I love the Race You to 15 cents game you have posted here. I'm currently working on money with my first graders. Where did you find that? Or, if you made it, would it be possible to get a copy? I would really appreciate it! My email is butler . erica at gmail dot com.

  13. How might I get a copy of your beat You to 20 and Race you to 15 cents? Could you email me a copy? sheryl.spears1011@gmail.com

  14. I would love a copy of Beat You To 20. Do you share or sell your games?

  15. Do you have the print out of the beat you to 20 games? Or did you buy it some place? Could you email it to me? Or send me the link if you sell it. ms.julie.evans3@gmail.com

    Great ideas:)

  16. As with everyone else, I love these two "beat" games. Are they available?

  17. Checking to see about printing or purchasing the beat you to 20 and race to 15 cents game.
    They look GREAT! thanks

  18. I would love to purchase the Beat You to 20 and Race to 15 cents games.

  19. Where can I find beat you to 20? It looks perfect for my Kindergarteners.

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  21. I would love a copy of your Beat You to 20 for Kindergarten. Please let me know how I can get it! Thanks

  22. I would love a copy of your Beat you to 20 Kindergarten game! Please let me know how to purchase/obtain it! I am also a Kindergarten teacher and am always looking for new ways to help solidify this tricky concept.

    Please email me at bsilberbogen@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us
    Thank you : )

  23. I also would love to purchase or print the "beat you to 20" game. Please e-mail me at kathryn.loggins@ccsqcaz.org Thanks!! Kathy

  24. I would love beat u to 20 game thanks barbh725@yahoo.com



  26. I also would love a copy of beat you to 20.


  27. I just found your blog! I love it! I am also wondering if I could get a copy of beat you to 20 game? Thanks!


  28. LOVE the beat you to 20 game and the name snowmen! Is there anyway I could get the beat you to 20 game as well! Seems to be very popular! :) Thanks!


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  32. Hello! I just found your blog through Pinterest. I am also your newest follower. Feel free to visit my little blog sometime. :)

    ~ Lisa
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

  33. I love the Beat you to 20 game. Is there a template available?

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  35. I also am interested in the coin game and the beat you to 20 game. Please let me know how I can get them. mlsims2011@gmail.com. I appreciate your time. You're doing great things in the classroom. Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher.

  36. You have some amazing math ideas. It inspires me to find new math centers to work at. Are you part of TPT? I would love to purchase or get a copy of the Race you to 20 and Race you to 15. jennmoyle@gmail.com. THANKS!

  37. Yet another teacher who would love your best you to 15 cents game!!!! Jane.jasmine@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

  38. Hi! I am a mother of many young children and would LovE your race to 15 and beat you to 20 games if they are available. Thank you for being a teacher and inspiring the rest of us to try!

  39. Is there a place I can get a few of these games for my classroom?

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  42. I found on the Bridges math link save and it is on page 79 http://www.nsbsd.org/cms/lib01/AK01001879/Centricity/Domain/41/Bridges%20K%20Blacklines/GRK%20Bridges%20Work%20Place%20Blacklines.pdf

  43. HI!

    I am a student teacher in elementary SPED and loved your race to the 15 cents sheet! I am starting a money unit with 2 students for my work sample in a few weeks and was wondering if it would be possible for me to get your template for that activity? I'm sure I could find a way to replicate it on my own, but if there's already something out there that I could adapt it would be great!

    My email is duff7786@pacificu.edu
    Thank you very much and I look forward to hopefully being able to use this activity as well as see more of what you do in your classroom through your website!


  44. Hi there
    I would love your game sheet for Beat you to 20. It would be perfect for my math stations. Any other beat me templates would be great! Just found you blog/website. Great ideas! Thanks in advance. daniherb@ww.catholic.edu.au

  45. The game is available to download for free here:http://nsbsdbeta.schoolwires.net/cms/lib01/AK01001879/Centricity/Domain/41/Bridges%20K%20Blacklines/K%20Single%20Page/GRK%20OH%202.1.pdf